Poetry to Support Health

Atsign-off we all share the same ethos of helping everyone going through a tough time in life, that’s why we decided to support and promote Moments in time. Bundles of Words……for The Lavender Touch.

Moments in time is a poetry book compiled as a fundraiser for the Lavender Touch (SCIO No. SC034713, www.lavendertouch.co.uk), a charity helping people living in the Scottish Borders who have cancer.

The Lavender Touch is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers supported by people across a range of communities. the charity has responded to the needs of those who are diagnosed with cancer to help people through their journey. The charity has developed sleepwear, skincare and bath products as well as offering natural oils massage sessions by professional practitioners. This is the central care service offered by the qualified therapists and practitioners. there is a direct link with professional referral services in collaboration with Macmillan Nurses and NHS colleagues. it also became clear that carers would benefit from support and this is offered where needed. Such developments have grown demand and fund raising efforts, to meet demand are, to be blunt, endless.

reading book 2The poems are all observations on moments that the author Rory has observed as their days move on by, the significant moments that they enjoy, those that they miss and those times when the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

If you have the time, consider the poem on the inside back cover. It’s written from observations from patients, therapists, volunteers and friends.

You can find Moments in time at the Food Boutique.

Just £5 – a donation that can make a difference.







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