Mood Swings or Forgot your wife’s name?

Mood swings? Forgot your wife’s name?

Perhaps next time, avoid skipping your breakfast!

Indeed, if you go for long periods without eating any food, the sugar level in your blood and hence in your brain, will drop down below a critical threshold. This will force your brain to use the ketone bodies as fuel, changing the physiologic activity of some neurotransmitters such as serotonin, lowering the levels of catecholamines, predisposing humans to lowered mood, psychomotor retardation and ultimately altering your normal behaviour.

Memory has been reported to be adversely influenced by fasting, while tests of attention and other aspects of cognition tend not to be affected. Having a glucose drink can reverse some of the adverse effects on memory of missing breakfast by positively influencing the cholinergic mechanisms in the amygdala and hippocampus area of your brain.

sold out stampDr Gregorio will discuss this and more

at his talk Don’t Drain your Brain – just feed it!

This Thursday coming, which unfortunately for you has been sold out.




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