Turmeric Vs Cancer

Is it possible that Turmeric, the commonly used spice which contains the chemical curcumin, can prevent cancer? Evidence shows that a diet rich in curcumin for a prolonged period of time has a direct correlation with lower rates of certain cancers.

This could be because curcumin is thought to prevent precancerous cells developing. Although there has not yet been a conclusive study into the effects of curcumin, there has been some promising research into its effects on skin cancer cells, as well as breast, colon and bowel cancers.

Research suggests that curcumin may inhibit carcinogenesis in the colon and may play the same role in skin cancers. Curcumin shows a reduction in the occurrence and size of stomach and colon cancer in mice exposed to carcinogens.                                               Recent studies are evaluating the possible correlation between the intake of curcumin and the reduction of breast cancer spreading as well as possible positive interactions with chemotherapy. However the side effects of curcumin is not yet known and further trials must be done.turmeric-tea

Although it is clear that with all the promising research into the role of curcumin it is likely that turmeric will play a key role in preventing cancer in the future.




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