What TO DO for a Good Night’s Sleep

Promote a Good Night’s Sleep by:

leg bulletSweetened milk drink: Sugars found in the drink encourage the cells in the brain to absorb Tryptophan that is provided by the milk protein and can then be converted into the calming chemical serotonin.


Solution: Including a sweetened milk drink such as a malted drink before bed could help you sleep.

leg bulletCarbohydrates: Starches may act as a sedative and can promote the production of serotonin.

Solution: Include starchy foods such as pasta, potatoes or bread in your diet.

leg bulletHerbal tea: Teas such as Chamomile have a relaxing effect.


Solution: Drinking Chamomile or Valerian tea before bed to relax before you sleep.

leg bulletHoney: It is traditionally well known as a mild sedative.

Solution: Stirring some honey into your warm and not hot chamomile tea before bed may help you to sleep better.

leg bulletVitamin C: Throughout the year, especially during winter months, keep up your vitamin C intake to boost your immune system to fight against colds and flu which could disrupt your sleep.

 Solution: Include foods such as citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries and blackcurrants which are all good sources of vitamin C. Top tip: have hot water with lemon and honey before bed.

leg bulletGetting outside: Vitamin D is associated with serotonin production.

Solution: Look for sunshine – the best source of vitamin D.

leg bulletKeeping cool: When you are ready to fall asleep, your body’s temperature drops down.

Solution: Easily solved during cold winter months but throughout the rest of the year you could take a hot bath before you sleep or remove extra clothing.

 Sweet dreams,



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