What NOT TO DO for a Good Night’s Sleep

Struggling to sleep? You could be…

leg bulletOver eating: Having a full stomach before bed could cause indigestion or flatulence making it uncomfortable to lie in bed and go to sleep.

Solution: Avoid eating large meals right before bed and aim to eat a few hours before you sleep.

leg bulletHungry: An empty stomach can cause heart burn which is uncomfortable and prevent you from getting to sleep.

Solution: Have a light snack before bed if you feel hungry.


leg bulletHaving caffeine: This can keep you awake and make you restless. It is often found in coffee, tea, plain chocolate and energy drinks.

Solution: Avoid these products before bedtime.


leg bulletToo hot: Being too hot whilst trying to go to sleep will make you sweaty and uncomfortable. Moreover the body naturally lowers its temperature to sleep so being too hot is counterproductive for the sleep cycle.

Solution: Remove excess clothing before you go to bed and turn off the heating in your bedroom.

leg bulletDisturbed by noise: Loud noises can be startling and make you anxious causing you to struggle to sleep.

Solution: Use a white noise machine to eliminate any background noise or try listening to calming sounds such as rain on your phone which could help you relax and get to sleep.

leg bulletUsing artificial light: Too much light before you sleep delays the release of the hormone melatonin which in turn postpones your sleep.

Solution: Avoid using screens before bed e.g. phones and laptops, dim the lighting before you go to bed and turn them off when you want to sleep, you could also use black out blinds during summer months to limit light exposure.

Have a lovely weekend,


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